Horse and foal walking across field

When she’s healthy, six year-old working horse Vicks is used for riding and cattle mustering in North West Ngamiland, Botswana.

Sadly, while having a well-deserved drink at the local river, Vicks was attacked by a crocodile who bit her leg, leaving her with a large wound on her front left leg.

Man in black top and grey shorts in Botswana, holding reins of brown horse with knee bandaged

Luckily for Vicks, SPANA’s new centre had just opened in Botswana and her owner Molefabangwe Elliot Phalane, along with his nephew K.B., took her to see if we could help.

The new SPANA team cleaned the wound thoroughly with an antiseptic spray, before applying honey dressings and a special pressure bandage, which was designed and made locally.

She has also been given regular anti-inflammatory medicine to reduce the swelling and pain.

The vets are treating the wound twice weekly with fresh dressings and once it has healed enough, Molefabangwe will be given zinc oxide cream to apply regularly.

vicks-tootswa-cross-samedupi-02-10-6During her treatment, Vicks had a colt foal named Tootswa, which means giraffe in Setswana. The SPANA team have been providing Vicks and Tootswa with regular food and water and he is growing at a healthy rate.

Molefabangwe is extremely grateful for SPANA’s support, saying:

SPANA has helped us a lot with our injured horse. I am very thankful for SPANA. Horses are important to us for transport and gathering our cattle. SPANA has also helped us with providing food and water for our horses and giving us free treatment.


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3 comments on “Helping a bitten horse

  1. Gillian Langton on

    It is heartening to see how much these people care for their animals and want the best for them, not only because they are so important for their work. Thank you Spana, for helping these animals and therefore the owners, and for teaching people how to care for their animals themselves.

  2. jean taylor on

    There are few words to express the compassion shown by spana staff to these animals in desperate conditions. So wonderful, a privilege to do a bit to support.

  3. Lyn Haleigh on

    It’s just incredible what SPANA means for these working animals and their owners. The amazing clinics reach out to animals that would not normally have a chance of receiving the treatment they so badly need. Not only does it relieve their pain and suffering, but in doing so, enables their poor owners to carry on making a living!


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