SPANA vets treating Mary the donkey's wounds

In the village of Ngomati in Zimbabwe, the weather is extremely hot and dry. However the nearest borehole – the village’s only source of water – is some 12km away.

Mary, a six year-old cart donkey is just one of many animals that are depended on to maintain the livelihoods of their owners and families. Working up to seven days a week, Mary pulls a cart that transports water from the borehole to Ngomati.

wounds-caused-by-oxpecker-birds-3Unfortunately, after being pecked by oxpecker birds, Mary had developed many small wounds on the back of her ears and thighs that had become infected.

Thankfully, Mary’s owner Timothy was aware of SPANA’s work in the local area and brought Mary to see the SPANA mobile clinic, which operates in the area every three months.

wounds-being-cleanedSPANA vets cleaned Mary’s wounds with an antiseptic ointment and then gave her pain relief. After having some time to recover, Mary’s wounds are now healing well. SPANA vets advised Timothy to apply wound ointment as soon as possible if he noticed a new wound in the future.

Timothy was extremely grateful for the treatment Mary received from SPANA, saying:

I thank SPANA so much for treating my donkey, as well as for the advice they have given me.

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