Donkey with overgrown hooves

Marid the donkey was struggling to walk due to uncomfortable, overgrown hooves. Read about SPANA’s treatment and how we got this little donkey back on his feet.

donkey after hoof operationRecently, Marid the donkey was brought to the SPANA centre in Amman, Jordan with a bad case of overgrown hooves. Marid’s owner, who supports his family by using his donkeys to help tend his small flock of sheep, had travelled over 80km to seek medical attention for his animal and SPANA’s vets were ready with their expertise.

His owner didn’t have the appropriate tools or expertise to trim six-year-old Marid’s overgrown hooves, which were two inches too long and had begun to cause pain whenever Marid walked. Marid, whose name means “rebellious” in Arabic, helps herd sheep in a ruDonkey getting overgrown hooves operates cut with angle grinderral area of Jordan and without an operation he was struggling to work pain-free as he travelled across the rocky terrain.

SPANA’s vets set to work with a small angle grinder to cut away the excess hooves, trimming off the dead overgrowth that was tripping him up. Immediately, vets saw a huge improvement with Marid walking more comfortably than he had in months. It will take a short time for Marid to get used to the new shape of his hooves and to return to his usual sure-footed gait, but luckily he was brought in before suffering irreparable bone damage.

Donkey with overgrown hooves before afterThe vets instructed Marid’s owner on the best hoof-trimming techniques to prevent this from happening in the future. A key part of SPANA’s work is in educating owners about how to prevent illness and injury from happening in the first place. The messages they communicate are spread to other animal owners in the region, meaning that SPANA can reach even more animals in the process.

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