Two Mauritanian donkeys
Two Mauritanian donkeys

Success stories

Sasse and a horse portrait

Learning animal empathy in Mauritania

Our teachers in Nouakchott are spreading the message to ensure dignity for working animals.

Emily the donkey being treated by a vet

Saving Emily’s life

Discover how six-week-old foal Emily was saved by our SPANA Zimbabwe mobile clinic.

Hooves before and after treatment

Marid gets a pedicure

Read about how we got this little donkey back on his feet.

Katy the horse and her owner

Filly-ing good thanks to Spana

Read about how SPANA helped Katy on the road to recovery.

Horses Lesedi and Bontle crossing river

Lesedi and Bontle get a new lease on life

Discover how SPANA helped Lesedi and her foal Bontle in Botswana.

a horse wearing a pink headcollar

Getting Aoisha back on her feet

Discover how Aoisha the horse was helped by SPANA vets in Jordan.

Horses pulling a cart in Morocco

Spana’s Caléche horse programme wins award

SPANA’s calèche horse programme won an award for sustainable tourism in Morocco.

small donkey and small white dog

Finding Hope a home

Discover how our vets in Botswana gave Hope a brighter future.

Salha the mule after treatment

Saving Salha the mule foal

Discover how Salha the mule was helped by the SPANA Chemaia centre in Morocco.

Elephant and its infected nail

Working elephants – getting off on the right foot

Read about SPANA's work with working elephants in Myanmar.

Ray the foal from Botswanawith his owners Joel and Mpho Gubago

A young foal faces a leopard attack

Visit SPANA to read Ray's story - a young foal who received treatment at our clinic in Botswana.

A brown donkey standing

Treating a painful donkey bite

Read about Hana the donkey's experience at the Tunisian clinic being treated for a donkey bite.

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