Two Mauritanian donkeys
Two Mauritanian donkeys

Success stories

Donkey lying in sawdust

Finding a friend for Masun the abandoned foal

After being abandoned outside SPANA's centre in Jordan, Masun was cared for by SPANA vets.

a horse lying on some grass

Horse dehydration – relieving Saber’s discomfort

Discover how SPANA helped Saber the horse from Tunisia.

SPANA vets using ultrasound machine on foal

Spana vets help young Jamil stand again

Read how SPANA vets came to the aid of Jamil, a new-born foal struggling to stand.

Donkey being rescued

Donkey rescue – helping a donkey out of a hole

Read all about an expert donkey rescue mission in Botswana.

Aman the horse being treated by a vet

Healing Aman’s eye at the mobile clinic

Read about how SPANA's mobile clinic in Ethiopia treated Aman the horse.

Mensi the foal in cart

Mensi finds a new home

Discover how SPANA helped Mensi, an abandoned foal in Morocco.

Adamas damaged neck

Help arrives for Adama after costly error

Discover how SPANA helped Adama the horse from Mali.

Donkey foal and donkey in stable

Shock discovery following snowstorm donkey rescue

Find out how SPANA vets in Jordan came to the rescue of a donkey and made a surprising discovery!

a donkey pulling a cart and the owner

Replacing Raif’s old donkey bit

Discover how we used money from the Vet Charity Challenge to help animals like Raif by replacing his old bit.

Foal and horse at feeding trough

Helping a bitten working horse

Read about Vicks, a horse treated by vets following a crocodile bite.

brave saida protects her foal

Brave Saïda protects her newborn foal

Discover how SPANA came to the aid of Saida, a donkey who was attacked by stray dogs.

Vet examining Karim

Healing Mary the cart donkey’s wounds

Find out about SPANA's work in Zimbabwe to help cart donkeys like Mary.