Radiq receives treatment for an injury at the SPANA Marrakesh centre

Little Rafiq was left fighting for his life after being attacked by a raging bull. Thankfully, because of skilled veterinary staff and kind donors from around the world, SPANA were able to help. If you have ever donated, fundraised or otherwise supported the charity you are part of this incredible story.

Abdella Aziz’s six-month-old foal Rafiq spends his days on their rural family farm in Morocco with Abdella’s wife and their seven children. At the moment, Rafiq is cared for and looked after by the family, but in time, when he is fully grown, he will be vital for their survival. In fact, Abdella and Rafiq’s work together pulling goods to and from market may one day provide the family’s only source of income.

Radiq receives treatment for an injury at the SPANA Marrakesh centreSadly, this little foal’s life was nearly cut short when he accidentally confronted a territorial bull on a neighbouring farm. The bull charged the little foal, and gored him with his horns, leaving a large wound in his side and Rafiq in severe shock. Luckily, Abdella found him before it was too late and knew he needed emergency veterinary treatment if he was to save his little foal.

Abdella knew about SPANA’s work in the area from previous visits to our Marrakech centre, so knew exactly where his foal needed to go. On arrival, vets thoroughly examined Rafiq, administered painkillers and a local anaesthetic, and carefully stitched his wound. They then gave him a tetanus shot and a course of antibiotics to prevent any further infection and stabled Rafiq for rest and recuperation.

Radiq receives treatment for an injury at the SPANA Marrakesh centreAbdella and his family returned to check on their beloved animal every day of his two week recovery period, and was over the moon when Rafiq was fit for discharge.

He said;

The staff here do a great job. They are respectful and do everything well. I have more than 20 animals and I bring many to this centre.

Abdella was given advice and guidance to make sure that Rafiq received the best care possible when back at home and encouraged Abdella to keep the inquisitive animal away from cattle until he’s bigger.

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