Hana the donkey from Tunisia

SPANA’s weekly mobile clinic at the souk (market) in Sbeitla, in the north of Tunisia, recently treated four-year-old donkey Hana, who came in with a large wound on her ear.

Hana works long hours on a farm, helping her owner Lebsayri Belgacem earn a living to support his wife and six children. Sadly, Hana was bitten by another donkey, leaving her with a deep and painful wound on her right ear.

After the team had examined Hana’s ear, they applied special ointment to help the wound heal and gave her antibiotics to fight the bacterial infection that had been introduced as a result of the bite.

They advised Lebsayri to rest Hana for two weeks and to keep an eye out for any unusual behaviour that may indicate an infection with rabies.

Lebsayri expressed his sincere thanks for SPANA’s help.

As a farmer, my animals are very important to me. I was so worried when I saw the terrible bite on Hana’s ear, but thankfully the vets at SPANA have helped to treat her and made sure she’ll be healthy again soon.

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