Raju, a camel in Rajasthan, was brought to our vets weak and lethargic. His owner didn’t know how to help and was very worried about his only working animal. Read how Raju received the help and attention he desperately needed.

Raju the camel has spent years helping his owner, Ram-Kishan, to transport people and heavy goods. This helps to make just enough of an income to support Ram-Kishan’s wife and four children.

Raju and his owner wait for treatment in RajasthanSPANA’s outreach partners Help in Suffering met Ram-Kishan and Raju when they visited Samod, in India’s north-western state of Rajasthan, to provide a clinic for working animals in rural areas. These mobile clinics have been a lifeline for camels like Raju and have provided vital care to the hardworking animals of this region for over 15 years.

Ram-Kishan loves his camel dearly and watches his health and wellbeing very carefully. Recently, Ram-Kishan had noticed that Raju was feeling weak and was occasionally rolling and hitting his stomach in discomfort.

The vets gently examined Raju and noticed he was suffering from itchy, uncomfortable mange. Raju was also suffering from bloat and abdominal cramps, most likely caused by internal parasites. Luckily, the treatment is a simple one, a combination of pain killers and dewormers which are also effective in treating mange.

Raju and his owner wait for treatment in RajasthanThe vets sent Ram-Kishan home with enough medication to cover the camel’s full treatment. To Ram-Kishan’s delight, Raju was back to his usual ‘sensitive and calm’ self within a week of seeing the SPANA team. He said:

We are very grateful for the team’s visit – please allow them to continue coming here so I can look after Raju.

Reducing mange

The team has noticed a significant reduction in the number of cases of mange in this area in recent years. This is in large part because of the regular education and intervention measures being taken by the SPANA-supported team. Hopefully, with our continued work in the region, these types of cases will continue to become more infrequent.

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