Donkey being given veterinary treatment

A veterinary lifeline

Even simple, everyday problems can be fatal for working animals if they can’t access the right level of care.

A wound that becomes infected can kill – yet a course of antibiotics often costs under £10. An untreated minor injury can lead to lameness, putting an end to an animal’s working life. And a tetanus injection, costing just £7, can be all it takes to stop an animal dying an agonising death.

Of more than 200 million working animals around the world, sadly only a small fraction have access to SPANA’s lifesaving veterinary care. For the vast majority, an injury or an otherwise treatable illness can be the difference between life and death. And for so many animals, chronic, untreated conditions result in a working life of constant pain.

Impoverished owners often struggle to afford the nutrition, healthcare and humane equipment needed to support their animals.

A life free from suffering

SPANA’s vets are a lifeline for working animals, providing care and treatment that eases suffering, saves lives and protects whole communities. At some point in their lives, every working animal will need a vet, and SPANA veterinary treatment usually represents the best chance – often the only chance – many working animals will have of a life free from unnecessary pain and suffering. Each year, SPANA provides free care for hundreds of thousands of working animals in need. SPANA vaccinates to prevent disease, treats injuries to relieve pain, and replaces homemade and ill-fitting equipment that cause wounds.

SPANA vet listens to a horse through stethoscope

We provide a network of free veterinary clinics within SPANA centres in towns and cities across the world, while our mobile clinics deliver vital, lifesaving veterinary care to remote and isolated rural communities. Operating in difficult conditions, with an almost limitless need, our vets are at the frontline in our daily battle to ease suffering and promote animal welfare.