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Knit Duncan the donkey and help working animals like Hani.

Hani the five-year-old donkey works to transport goods in the souks of Marrakech.

hassan-receiving-treatmentHis owner, Hassan, has no other animals and relies totally on Hani to help him earn a living.

Hassan had visited the SPANA centre in Marrakech before when Hani injured his knees in a fall. So when Hassan noticed a growth above Hani’s eye, he knew exactly where to take his donkey.

On arrival at the centre, a SPANA vet was able to identify Hani’s growth as a sarcoid. And although it could be removed withassan-following-treatmenth a relatively straightforward operation, left to grow the sarcoid would have impaired Hani’s vision.

The team operated straight away and the procedure was a complete success.

After the operation, veterinary volunteer Maura applied bandages to Hani’s eye. He then earned a new nickname around the centre: Pirate!

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