Mark SPANA’s Centenary with the 100 for 100 Challenge!

A man wearing a SPANA vest smiles and makes a fist pump as he raises funds for working animals.

We are continuing to mark our centenary year by asking you help us raise funds for working animals, by doing a fundraiser that involves the number 100. You could bake 100 cupcakes for your World Tea Party, knit one of our knitted animals for 100 minutes a day, walk 100 laps of your garden, give up something you love for 100 days, or do anything challenging for 100 days consecutively. Whatever you choose to do, do it your way and have fun!

Tell your friends and family about your plans and ask them to sponsor you. It is easy to set up your 100 Challenge fundraising page for SPANA on JustGiving. Alternatively, there is a sponsorship form you can download here.

Here are some ideas to inspire you.

  • Use our animal knitting patterns to knit for 100 minutes a day
  • Bake 100 cupcakes and hold a tea party
  • Give up something you love up for 100 days
  • Declutter and sell of 100 items from your house on a platform like eBay
  • Exercise for 100 minutes every day for a week, a month or 100 days!
  • Do 100 laps of your garden or block
  • Collect 100 used stamps
  • Walk 100 nature trails
  • Organise a pub quiz with 100 questions
  • Write 100 poems
  • Play 100 rounds of Bingo
  • Raise £100 for SPANA!

Whatever you decide to do, do get in touch by emailing or calling us on 020 7831 3999 and we’ll be here to support you on your journey. Have a look at all the fundraising materials we can provide you with to make your fundraising a huge success. We also recommend reading our ‘keeping it legal advice’ to get the ball rolling.

Don’t forget to send the funds you raise to SPANA as soon as possible after you have finished your fundraising, so we can get the money working where it’s needed most.