A lady stands in front of three camels in the Sahara Desert as she participates in a trek to raise funds for SPANA.
A lady stands in front of three camels in the Sahara Desert as she participates in a trek to raise funds for SPANA.

Ways To Raise Funds For SPANA

A lady wearing a SPANA t-shirt stands next to a sign stating 'Charity Plant Sale Today'.

Organise a fundraising event for SPANA and your efforts will help working animals around the world.  

There are countless ways in which you could raise funds for SPANA. From arranging a stall at a local event to holding a street collection or doing a talk on our work, there are so many fantastic ways to raise funds for the working animals of the world. 

Make sure to let us know about your fundraising by emailing events@spana.org or calling us on 020 7831 3999, and we’ll be here to support you on your journey. Have a look at all the fundraising materials we can provide you with to make your event a huge success. We also recommend reading our fundraising guide and our ‘keeping it legal advice’to get the ball rolling.

Two ladies standing in front of a SPANA kiosk and SPANA sign raise money for working animals at a fundraising event.

Local events

The best kind of event is where people have fun! You could host your own World Tea Party, movie night or knitting party using our knitted animal patterns. Perhaps you have a special skill you could offer to entertain your guests, such as playing an instrument or singing. Why not have a look for a local car boot sale, or at community centres and churches for sales that you could have your own stall at, selling bric-a-brac or cakes? For more ideas about organising your own event, have a look at our fundraising guide the possibilities are endless and every penny raised will help working animals in the world’s most impoverished communities.

A lady wearing a SPANA shirt smiles as she poses with her medal.

Get sponsored

One of the most effective ways to support SPANA’s work is to complete a sponsored event – where the sky really is the limit! You may be inspired to do a sponsored parachute jump or arrange a sponsored walk, run or cycle; the options are endless! This process can be even easier if you setup your own sponsorship webpage, which you can do by visiting JustGiving. Alternatively, there is a sponsorship form you can download here. 

A lady wearing donkey ears poses with a SPANA sign and a collection box to raise donations for working animals.

Collection box

Hosting a collection box is an enjoyable and pain-free way of raising funds for our vital work. Why not ask at your local vet, pub, corner shop or pet shop and see if they are able to host a collection box? All we ask is for you to regularly check on it, bank the money to yourself and then send us in the donation. 

Two adults and three children wearing SPANA outfits smile as they raise funds for working animals in a shop.

Local groups

If fundraising on your own seems a bit daunting, how about getting together with friends, family or work colleagues to form a fundraising group? It’s a great way to meet like-minded people, help working animals and have fun too!

A man wearing a SPANA vest smiles and makes a fist pump as he raises funds for working animals.


Once you have decided to raise money for animals, make sure everyone else knows about it! 

Online fundraising – An easy way to fundraise is to set up a fundraising page on JustGiving. Then, send your page to friends, family and colleagues, making it really easy for them to sponsor you. See our fundraising tips to help you raise even more money!

Social media – Post about your event or challenge on Facebook and Twitter. Keep reminding your friends about the event you are hosting or amazing challenge you’re taking on for SPANA.  

Posters – Put up a SPANA poster to educate people about the importance of our work. Add your event/fundraising details to our blank poster  to publicise your event! 

Invitations – Use our invitations to invite all you friends and family to your event. 

Who munched the carrot game

Fundraising materials

We’d love to send you some SPANA goodies to help you with your fundraising. Have a look at what we have available here, where you can download our Fundraising Guide and posters, or have a look at our Fundraising Materials Order Form and get in touch if you would like us to post the materials to you.

A man and woman searing SPANA shirts cycle to raise money for working animals.

How can I pay in my money?

Don’t forget to send your donation to SPANA as soon as possible after your fundraising event, so we can get the money working where it’s needed most. Thank you so much for your support.