Brown donkey with owner at SPANA centre

Jamila, a 13 year-old donkey, was brought into our centre in Chemaia, Morocco, by her worried owner Bouchaib after she started having difficulty breathing and developed a cough.

Bouchiab, a 66 year-old farmer, suffers from osteoarthritis, meaning it’s very painful for him to walk. Jamila pulls a small cart for him to ride in, so he is entirely dependent on her for getting about each day.

resizedBefore Jamila, Bouchaib had another donkey, who sadly passed away following a bad bout of colic. Luckily, his neighbours then rallied round and helped him to buy Jamila through their donations.

As well as transporting Bouchaib, Jamila also helps his family of 14 collect their goods from the local market and bring water from the well.

SPANA’s vet team diagnosed Jamila with ‘Recurrent Airway Obstruction’ or ‘heaves’, similar to asthma in humans, which is caused by inhaled allergens in the dust from her bag of feed.

The vet prescribed Jamila with steroids to settle her lungs and medicine to make her breathing easier. They also advised Bouchaib to make sure she is given plenty of rest to allow her condition to settle.resized-2

To prevent this problem happening again, Bouchaib was also told to soak her barley and straw for before feeding it to reduce dust particles and to stop using a nose-bag to feed Jamila.

Bouchaib was very thankful for SPANA’s help saying:

With my osteoarthritis, Jamila is more indispensable to me than ever, so that I can move about. She replaces my feet, and because of her I can be independent and I don’t have to ask anyone else to move me!


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