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Katy came to our SPANA centres in pain after a head collar injury. Read about her road to recovery below.

This graceful eight-month old filly Katy arrived at a SPANA centre in rural Morocco with painful sores down her nose and under her eyes. Her head collar had rubbed against her face, causing open wounds to form and her owner, Koway, was anxious to stop his foal’s pain. The tender skin around her eyes and mouth had been rubbed raw and left untreated, he was worried that an infection might soon follow. Katy is a crucial source of future income for Koway, his wife, and four children so he knew he had to get help for her – and fast.

Koway led Katy through rugged terrain, travelling by foot to reach the SPANA centre where he knew his precious animal would be in the safe hands of SPANA vets. As soon as she arrived, the team gently cleaned her sores and dressed them in clean bandages, providing instant relief. Katy received anti-inflammatory and anti-infection medication from our professional team to prevent a secondary infection and Koway was instructed to give her two weeks of rest and constant care to make sure she made a full recovery.

Soon, Katy was back to her playful self and well on her way to recovery, finally able to rest without excruciating pain. Had she not been treated, she might have suffered for months before succumbing to her injuries. Koway, who was given advice on tethering methods was delighted with his foal’s improvement,

I thank SPANA and the entire team for their effort to save my animal.

Advice like this, provided by the SPANA team can make all the difference for the future well-being of animals like Katy. Small, often-overlooked details for how to best care for working animals will help future generations to keep Morocco’s animals healthier and happier in future.

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