SPANA vets treating grey horse

13-year-old working horse Moro was in a sad state when his owner Andrés brought him along to the SPANA mobile clinic in the la Esperanza region of Nicaragua, not far from the city of Esteli.

Moro would normally work for four hours a day carrying people and goods alongside his 70-year-old owner Andrés, providing a livelihood for him, his wife, their 10 sons and 12 grandsons.

Because of poorly fitting harnesses, Moro had wounds on his back, some of which had become infected. The first step for SPANA vets was to clean and disinfect these wounds, which were then treated with an antiseptic ointment. They then prescribed a course of painkillers and antibiotics, and advised Andrés to rest his horse for 30 days, with no work at all, so that his wounds could heal and he could fully recover. They also advised him how to properly fit harnesses, to stop harness-related wounds from reoccurring in future.

Andrés has worked with animals for more than 50 years and understands the importance of proper treatment and care, but without SPANA, would not be able to access the veterinary expertise needed in this remote region.

Moro is now fully recovered and back providing a vital income for this family of 24, who now have a better understanding of harnesses and wound management, all thanks to your support.

I am an old man and I depend heavily on my horse Moro. If he is sick, we all suffer. Thank you to SPANA for making my horse better.

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