Camel with nose injury

Moh the desert camel was brought to one of our mobile clinics with a painful nose injury, the result of an uncomfortable head collar. Read here how SPANA vets provided care and the right equipment to make Moh happier and healthier….

Every year thousands of visitors flock to Jordan to take in the azure waters of the Dead Sea. They come not only for the sun and cooling waters but for a taste of the “authentic” Jordanian experience complete with camel treks through the desert. During one of SPANA’s recent mobile clinic visits, we had the chance to treat some of the hard-working camels that work in the tourist trade here, including Moh.

Seven-year-old Moh works alongside his owner Awoud Awad every day transporting tourists on sight-seeing trips. Moh is generally well-cared for and is allowed frequent breaks, fresh water, and good food. Awoud loves his camel and depends on him for his daily income so was quick to seek out the SPANA vets for help.dsc_0493

Unable to afford a proper noseband, Awoud had been forced to use a chain wrapped in rope to lead Moh on his treks. But this poorly fitted noseband had rubbed Moh’s skin raw to the point where it had become red and painful. To make matters worse, flies and the blazing heat had aggravated the wound and led to a secondary bacterial infection.

SPANA vets started by cleaning and disinfecting the wound which was an immediate relief to the patient camel. They explained to Awoud the importance of using comfortable equipment on Moh and gave him a flexible nylon head collar to use instead. Awoud promised to give his camel rest to let the injury heal and to use antiseptic and fly spray to keep the wound clean.

Confident that he knew how to better look after his animal, Awoud expressed his gratitude to the SPANA staff. A successful SPANA treatment that has made all the difference to the quality and comfort to yet another industrious camel’s life.

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