A foal in Ethiopia sits in a field

On 4 October, organisations and individuals from around the world will come together to celebrate World Animal Day, an annual event championing the importance of animal welfare. Since 1931 this international day has called on animal lovers to unite and raise awareness and funds for the domestic or wild animal welfare cause of their choice. Last year, more than 1000 events were celebrated across 11 countries in this growing movement which has been gaining support among celebrities and World Animal Day international ambassadors.

Oxen walking along a road in EthiopiaSPANA will be celebrating this important day online. Through our free veterinary care, education programmes, vet training, and equipment exchanges, SPANA is raising awareness and helping working animals from Mauritania to Myanmar.

SPANA calls on our supporters and World Animal Day to unite and put an end to the suffering of working horses, donkeys, mules, camels, and elephants: because a life of work needn’t mean a life of pain.

Read more about World Animal Day, ideas for how to join the celebrations, and how you can support SPANA’s lifesaving work across the world. If you’re a teacher, we have a special blog post of ideas for weaving World Animal Day into your assemblies on the 4 October.

What is world animal day?

World Animal Day assembly ideas 

For all our supporters: take time to add World Animal Day to your calendar in October and join a growing international movement building a brighter future for animals everywhere.