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Knit Clarence the camel and help animals like Wadh.

When a Bedouin man brought five-month-old baby Wadh (meaning ‘white camel’) into SPANA’s Jordan centre in Wadi Seer, he was in a very poor condition.

wadh-during-treatmentAn aggressive adult male had taken a dislike to Wadh and damaged his neck, leaving him with nasty infected wounds and unable to stand.

The vets cleaned the wounds every day but as he could not stand he needed to be supported.

At first, the baby camel lay on his side and had to be turned over regularly while SPANA staff massaged his leg joints. For part of each day, Wadh was also put in his normal squatting position between bags of soft shavings to make sure he didn’t fall.

wadh-the-baby-camelThe vets then used a specially made sling to help Wadh stand and after a few weeks he was able to potter around the yard. His infection cleared and within three weeks Wadh made a full recovery thanks to the customised care he received at the clinic.

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